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Jeff Reiman 

CPS Teacher, Canaryville resident, 

"I've taught together with him. You want a guy that keeps it real, willing to listen to you and put in extra time to do a good job, vote Froy"

Linda Sanicki

Longtime Bridgeport neighbor, 

"If you want someone who will truly represent us and do what's best for this ward Vote for Froylan Jimenez."

Joe Trutin

Local Bridgeport Small Business Owner

"Froy ran for State Senator in our area a few years ago and I wish he would have won. Now I hope he wins this race."


Therese Boyle 

Retired Teacher, Chicago Teachers Union Member

"We do our teaching jobs out of love and commitment to our students. That's that same passion and dedication that Froy will bring to servicing 11th ward residents."

Sean Collins

Chicago Firefighter

If there is one guy that has the courage, experience and common sense to turn things around and make things better for our's Froy. 

Joe Ramirez

Vietnam Veteran

"Froy loves this country and has continuously supported Veterans that have defended our nation. I like that he prioritizes Veterans not only on occasion but throughout the year. We need a leader like that in the City Council.

John Ma

Community Activist

I trust Froy to represent our Ward in a fair way and improve conditions and services for everyone.

Mary Esposito-Usterbowski

Chicago Teachers Union Members 1st Leader,

I'm proud to stand behind and support Froy as the next 11th Ward Alderman. He has demonstrated to be a union leader that places the best interest of his union brothers and sisters above any political machine establishment.  

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