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Why I'm running to be your next Alderman?


Our city is being poorly managed and it has weak leadership that's hurting us. With our current Mayor and her appointed Alderman, our neighborhoods are losing out and our quality of life is deteriorating. Long are the days were we felt safe, could afford a modest living and trusted our city leaders. The local news is full of crime stories and examples of over-taxation, corruption and bad government.


As a High School Civics teacher my life revolves around staying informed, teaching about good government, how to positively get involved in our communities, and finding solutions to the problems that plague our neighborhoods.  

As someone with Springfield legislative experience that's worked in our state's capital, a union member and citywide elected Local School Council Board member I have been outspoken and critical of Mayor Lightfoot's public policies, her lack of leadership, her inefficient administration and the decisions made by her choice to be our voice in the Chicago City Council. 


I'm not afraid to say it like it is and it is precisely my Independent positions to prioritize our community instead of those that are connected and with insider clout that distinguishes me from all the rest. My courage to speak on behalf of what so many taxpayers and residents feel is unfair that makes me the Alderman that our ward needs. My public record speaks for itself as someone that is independent, well-informed, outspoken, fair, and with the courage to stand up to anyone in order to protect and prioritize the wellbeing of all our neighborhoods. So whether you live east or west of Halsted, north or south of Pershing, you can rest assured knowing you will receive the city services that are owed to you fairly and timely. 


As an active member of Nativity Catholic Church and parent at Bridgeport Catholic Academy, my faith and family values guides my decisions. 


I pledge to prioritize all taxpayers and residents of our ward and end favoritism and city mismanagement. 



Froy Jimenez

If you have any questions, want to share your views, or volunteer on Froy's campaign please email directly at:

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