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Froy on solutions for helping taxpayers.

Froy on holding Kim Foxx accountable & empowering CPD to do their jobs with unnecessary restrictions.

Froy on unreasonable ticketing, booting, and transportation that helps both customers, small businesses and CTA riders.

Froy’s agenda on collaborating with Denise McBroom and Maggie Finucane on the 9th Police District Council and Public Safety Plan that balances more safety, collaboration, and accountability from all.

Froy, record on good government and why  enough is enough with 11th ward corruption and insider deals.

Froy’s wider vision on affordable ownership to open opportunities on housing.

The need for a new High School in our area and demand for voice and inclusion in the process.

Froy’s plan on how to empower both small businesses and area customers-residents with more economic development.

The need for an Alderman that’s a leader not a follower. Froy’s commitment to people instead of connected political insiders.

Froy Jimenez, man of faith, outspoken leader and the underdog that wins!

Education shouldn’t be political. All schools, all parents and all students should be well funded and supported with the ability to make the educational decision that is right for them. 

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